Destructoid TGS 08: The Last Remnant hands-on

Destructoid writes: "Even though we're close to the worldwide release date of November 20th, Square Enix has let out very little information on its upcoming Xbox 360 role-playing game The Last Remnant. Other than scant details on the storyline and the fact that it uses the Unreal Engine, we're still in the dark. That's why we were glad to see a very large, two-tiered play area for The Last Remnant here at TGS.

Waiting in the ridiculously long line, we were able to watch screens that displayed beautiful footage of wispy haired pretty people, massive beam cannons and megaton explosions, all which got us excited while we waited. Unfortunately, when we got to our game stations, none of that was to be seen. Even this close to release, Square Enix is still sitting on story details."

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