Destructoid TGS 08: Monster Racers hands-on and epic dragon costume

Destructoid writes: "If there is one thing you can't quite accuse Koei of recently, it's not at least attempting to branch out. Titles like Prey the Stars and Saihai No Yukue may have roots in other games, but they are new directions for the company. Monster Racers for the DS is very much the same -- it's clearly attempting to capitalize on the success of Pokémon, but hey, it's not Dynasty Warriors.

Koei has been making Monster Racers a huge part of its TGS presence, going as far as to unveil that ridiculous red dragon (photographed above by ParaParaKing.) The dragon was hilarious. It randomly came into the Koei press conference, proud as anything, but then started squeaking as it walked, and it couldn't see so someone had to lead it by its hand, and then it knocked into a chair."

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