Interview about Diablo Features by just had a chat with Ray Gresko and Leonard Boyarsky. For the fans that don't keep a clip book of all the Blizzard personalities (or can't be bothered to check them out at, you'll find that these two are the bosses of the game world design. They talk of skills,, runes, gambling, the game world and much more. This is a lengthy and very good interview, which is well worth a watch.

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syrinx3418d ago

so much info. brain exploding...

Leord3418d ago

I know what you mean. I'm really disappointed in Blizz having to do that DirecTV deal. Especially for all fans in EU.

For panels and stuff, they also have limitations of when/how fansites can upload their own videos... Big bummer, imho!

Terrice3418d ago

Well, in Australia we got an affiliation TV pay-per-view that's ok, but I can imagine the Europeans...

Leord3418d ago

I can't understand why they didn't do it like WWI. I hough that was excellent!

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Leord3418d ago

Jeez. It's so nice to get proper, long interviews, as a lot of media sites have begun to make big news over each sentence that comes out of the developer's mouths. That's just hit whoring. This is teh way interviews should be shown =)

Synteny3418d ago

The people at Blizzard have loads of patience stored in them! I do not know if I would be able to do so many things at once!

Leord3418d ago

Do you mean the games, or so many interviews at once? =)

SCFreelancer3418d ago

Haha, well not only so many things at once, but they also have to repeat things over and over and... well you get the point. Still this is the case throughout the year when various press teams visit blizz.

Synteny3418d ago

I meant the interviews, guess I should have been more specific.