UGO: Rob Pardo Talks Diablo III Interview

UGO writes: "Ready to head back to Sanctuary? It's 20 years later and the people who saved the world last time have all gone mad. It's up to a whole new group of fighters to battle the forces of evil with a few mouse clicks. We just spoke to Rob Pardo, EVP of game design for Diablo III about what we can expect from the new game.

UGO: So your big announcement was…

Rob Pardo: The Wizard class. That was the big thing that we showed…

UGO: Destructible environments seem to be the thing to do in this crop of Blizzard games. Can you tell me about the decision to do that?

RP: One of our goals for Dialbo III was to make the game a lot more visceral. To really make the player feel powerful. And I don't know a lot of things that make you feel more powerful then to be able to destroy the environment around you. It's great when you can destroy a monster, but when you can bring down a wall on top of a bunch of monsters… "

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