Neocrisis: New Home Video *TGS*

Neocrisis: Video shows a character walking around the virtual version of Tokyo Game Show.

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MaximusPrime3295d ago

been there and it was great. beautifully made. HOME is worth a wait. ;)

StephanieBBB3295d ago

Off topic, but just to let you guys know.

meepmoopmeep3295d ago

the dev "Homes" are the ONLY thing i'm excited about with Home.

i really, really, hope they have the virtual Game Shows like was mentioned.
imagine going to all the game shows via Home.

now THAT's what im talking about!!!

once that happens, Home FTW!!!


PimpHandStrong3295d ago

i wish more ppl would make stuff like that known!

have a bubble


meepmoopmeep3295d ago


you must be a PS fan, it's only targeted at PS fanboys

ajeben8093295d ago

i aint clicking the link now ;)

uie4rhig3295d ago

doesn't say anything about trojans...

well anywho.. can't wait again since its just around the corner :D

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BrunoM3295d ago

Thats the why i want home being able to go to game shows none of us will ever be at (E3 TGS LEPZING ... and so on) ... and its gona be fun for some mine games .. .

but the first one is the shows..

DNAgent3295d ago

Looks like that part is pointless right now as it is pretty much empty with nothing showing. Maybe when Home actually releases it will be exciting but in the beta there is nothing to see there so i'm not really sure why they even included that in the first place.

kenshin3293295d ago

if all those booth in Home were playable demo from the real tgs that would be really something

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The story is too old to be commented.