Gaming Nexus: SingStar Pop Vol. 2 Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "While I might not like all of these songs, there should be enough good songs here to warrant pulling it out at a party. I personally had fun singing along with Peter Bjorn & John, Duran Duran and (surprising even me) Rihanna. The problem I had with this collection is that I didn't know a lot of the songs, so I had to listen to them a few times before I could even begin to sing them. Obviously this isn't going to be the case with all SingStar fans, I am fully prepared to admit that when it comes to the state of pop music I am woefully out of tune. What it really comes down to is whether or not you like the music. If you do then you should probably run out and buy this disc, if not then this game will probably just sit on your shelf collecting dust."

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