Gears of War 2: Here Is Your Choppy Cam Quality Opening Cut Scene

GameXtract writes "You have to at least salute deamastah for not having the temptations to leak Gears of War 2 onto torrent databases. I can only imagine how many users must be taunting him with considerable peer pressure to upload it, but so far hes holding out to his word. During his live stream he recorded the opening cutscene of the game for others to view after it went off air. The quality is from an off screen source, and has choppy frame rate quality. That's from the recording device, and software he was using, NOT the game, but if you don't mind then right after the jump you will find the first moments of Gears of War 2. I decided to go ahead, and watch the video clip. It really doesn't spoil much for you unless you like to savor every moment when you buy a new video game. Video after the jump."

Catch the video after the jump

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The Stuttttterer3514d ago

St-t-ttt-ttutters more than i d-do !

ProfessionalTroll3514d ago

Only the xbox 360 struggles to do 30fps,the Wii surpasses it and the Ps3 does twice without breaking a sweat

eric1003514d ago

is it me or the graphics look worse than Gears 1?

Resistance 1 all the way

TheXgamerLive3513d ago

Now to the piss ants above, This low quality video is the only thing bad here, except for you wannabe trolls, you guys always and I mean ALWAYS come running like a cat in heat to anything Xbox 360 related just to see it and comment crap. You guys are such closet fans but your afraid to admit it. The game is looking and playing incredible and you guys know it. Gears 2 easily GOTY.

Also to troll and co. Wow, one guy has over 5 or 6 accounts and comments to himself, time to report you to Dusty and admins. Your a joke, a fake and a lil wannabe.

Omega43514d ago

That opening has GOTY written all over it, its great to see that Epic has put a HUGE effort into the story this time round

MazzingerZ3513d ago

I really want to find a reason to get a X360 again as I miss some XBL buddies but I guess I'll wait until Halo Recon is out...

Gears 2 looks great and it will be fun, just as fun as Gears 1 but just that, the way the game starts actually tells you this is not GOTY, its pretty similar to the start of Unreal Tournament...then you have the classic chopper, the rookie that joins the squad, rookie that will sacrifice his life for the squad (or even for the whole humanity) later during the game, there's no real sentimental attachment here, not even hard core Gears fans would care if Epic decides to kill Marcus Fenix...he's just 2 year old and has spoken 2 words during all this time

EPIC is trying to turn it into the franchise that will replace Halo but IMO they should forget about SP and focus on the online component, the SP is anyway 6-8 hours long so why bother?

dantesparda3513d ago

But it does remind me of the opening cinema of UT3. Everyone does look bulky, but that's the Gears look, its what makes them look so tough. This is the only game i am looking forward to this whole year on the 360 (i just hope that i get my 360 back from MS in time for it, it red ringed on me this week, its the 5th time a 360 has red ringed on me, Im so tired of this sh1t!).

I am worried that its just gonna be more of the same, but i think they may have thrown in enough new sh1t to make it better. But we'll see. Now just give me a none red-ringing 360 already MS (as if that actually existed)

shingo3513d ago

It will do well, but GOTY? I doubt it. There are several really good games this year on different platforms.

Internet Trolling Ex3514d ago

The game looks like it has a horrible frame rate,I'm not surprised though considering its an xbox 360 game

CliffyBee3513d ago

And I made the game :( I'm such a retard. If only I was a tenth of the brilliance that is Hideo Kojima, then maybe Queers of Bore 1.1 may have been a decent game. But its not. Neither is its prequel.

Wow, this single post by me has more story than QoB1!

I <3 Solid Snake

TheMART3514d ago

Well hell yeah its GOTY but damn uploader get some good equipment to record this is a sad record from a great intro video.

It shouldn't be approved. Don't spoil this, wait for a great recording of this masterpiece!

felidae3514d ago

lol .. masterpiece, yeah right!

i only know one masterpiece and it starts with L and ends with P

masterpiece .. pfff!

Max Power3514d ago

it ends with a 't'. but what ever. I did get to see some of his stream playing earlier today, i think it was the first level, even though the video quality was bad it still looked good, though the AI didn't seem that good, but thats just my opinion.

karlostomy3513d ago

Never heard of that game.

TheMART3513d ago

Hahahaha Idontcare

1. (you're a) Little Big CreeP?
2. (you're a) Little Big SheeP?
3. (or did you take a) Little Big DumP?

Great. Don't go so hard on the guy dudes, he's German, works at a gamestore were he doesn't earn enough money to buy all the games. All day long he is forced to look at Gears 2 wants it but can't buy it and becomes a moaning crying teenager. Oh no wait its even worse. Gears 2 may not be sold in Germany because the government says their people may not see blood. What about all those movies with violence? Books with violence? Is that next? Great country you have there idontcare... First they produce the most blood in Europe, then they prevent violent games to be sold. Idontcare is frustrated.

This guy has pretended for some months to be 360 minded to gain bubbles, then when he got up again suddenly the PS3 fanboy came out again. He just needs to be voted down again to protect him against himself.

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Sony Rep3514d ago

Why is everyone so bulky??

Even the scientist looks like she's wearing an invisible marine space suit.

I see Marcus is also still relegated to the equivalent of grunts and moans, in the form of dialogue. How are you supposed to flesh out a good story when the main character has the personality of a potato.

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