GameZone: Pipe Mania Review

The hacking mini-game in BioShock caused quite a stir. It engrossed the minds of some, frustrated the lives of others, and left a lasting impression on just about everyone who played through one of the finest single-player shooters.

But what many of BioShock's players didn't know is that the hacking game was actually inspired by an old puzzle game from the 90s: Pipe Mania. In Pipe Mania, players must lay out several pieces of pipe in order to connect the flow of water – called Flooze – with the final end of the pipe system. Essentially a puzzle game of aligning point A with point B, Pipe Mania didn't have falling blocks or spherical walls to twist and spin. It was anything but traditional, and that's what people liked about the game.

Gameplay 7
Graphics 2
Sound 2
Difficulty Med/Hard
Concept 7
Multiplayer 6.9
Overall 7.0

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