KomboTGS 2008: Prince of Persia Preview

Kombo writes: "A twenty minute wait at the Tokyo Game Show wasn't enough to deter me from getting my dirty hands on Ubisoft's Prince of Persia.

Visually the game is very arresting and has certainly drawn inspiration from ICO and Wind Waker for its visual style. Enemies disappear into a puff of black mist when they are slain and there is a mysterious dark sludge lining the edges of some routes. Obviously there are also the cel-shaded graphics and overall the game looks great. You will be pleased to know that the game also flows very well and the frame rate remained high throughout the demo. The usual Prince of Persia wall running, swinging and jumping is present, but combat has changed. The camera automatically locks onto your enemy, in this case a swirling black monster in armor and you combine X, Y and B to defeat him. The beast also has the strange power of rendering the X button useless on occasion, so the player is forced to use other methods of attack."

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Webswinger933570d ago

That preview confirmed my worries about this game. Not so sure I'm buying this anymore.