Call of Duty 5 Beta Key giveaway from Eurogamer

Activision has been in touch to tell Eurogamer that the Call of Duty 5 Xbox 360 multiplayer beta will begin early next week.

Eurogamer will have thousands of keys to give out as soon as it does, but you will need to be a registered user to grab one.

You can sign up elsewhere on Eurogamer - it costs nothing and you get lots of great benefits, like, well, access to stuff like this.

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monkey6023443d ago

EuroGamer are impressing me with these keys for games they keep getting

IzKyD13313442d ago

they still suck at reviewing games though

Dpa3442d ago

How bout whipping it in my direction?

militant073442d ago

im already in this beta
call of duty 4 is way much better than 5

3442d ago
Killjoy30003442d ago

PS3 never gets multi-plat betas.... That sucks.

St03442d ago

M$ pay loadsa bux to make them 360 exclusive that's why, developers even say they get offered bux from MS just for BETAs. There really desperate to win this gen, kinda sad if you ask me

outlawlife3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

why would ms buy betas? they are restricted access and ms doesn't make money from them at all, your little story doesn't make any sense at all

the reason that live gets more multiplat betas is because the network is already set up and is basically a "plug and play" kind of thing unlike psn which requires a little more work on the end of developers

honestly you should put logic a thought into your posts sometimes

the only money ms makes on this is the fact that you have to have a gold account to play, but nobody out there is going to buy gold just to play a beta

the only people really cashing in on this one is gamestop, and they aren't making any more than they would on it anyway

CraftyGaz3442d ago

I pre ordered from game and got mine last night baby.

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The story is too old to be commented.