Resident Evil 2 Director Pours Out Heart; Promises More Games Of Same Caliber

Hideki Kamiya, the original director of Resident Evil 2, has spoken frankly about his experiences making the cult survival horror.

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strayanalog326d ago

That was some pretty interesting and entertaining information. It is always amazing to hear stories from behind the scenes, especially in gaming.‎
Bless everyone on that developing team, because it sounds like they had it rough, but we got one of the best games of all time out of it. A job well done, gentleman.‎

Xenophon_York325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

The sincerity, passion and humbleness many Japanese developers convey always makes me appreciative of the quality resulting games resonate. Seems that it results in them hitting more launch window targets, as well.

KaaF325d ago

Kamiya can be anything, but definitely not humble.

Xenophon_York325d ago

There are exceptions to every rule.

MADGameR325d ago

When RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE is done right, THEN I'll give you respect CAPCOM... til then, shove it!