The Zohar Project Looking to Get Bandai Namco to Make a Xenosaga HD Collection

The Zohar Project is back and has a new petition to try and garner support for a Xenosaga HD collection on the heels of the success of Xenoblade, which is from the same creator.

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guywazeldatatt323d ago

With how well Xenoblade 2 is selling I wouldn't be surprised if Namco capitalized on this. Only time will tell.

nintendoswitchfan322d ago

xenosaga had a great story but i'm not sure the gameplay would hold up and i don't think that xenoblade fans would like the combat much.

guywazeldatatt322d ago

The combat is unique enough I think people would be up for playing it. It's turn-based but it's unique and III is the best turn-based RPG combat-wise ever made.

Autydi322d ago

A collection sounds great! I'd love to have it.

guywazeldatatt322d ago

I'm in the middle of 1 and when I played it I thought it was good but it's so much better than I remember!!!!

coffeemaster322d ago

A xenogears remake would be incredible! I never finished that game

guywazeldatatt322d ago

xenogears would be awesome, they just need to fix that last disc!!!! it was so rushed. I wouldn't put it passed SE though, given their affinity for remasters. they'd make a lot off of it.

-Gespenst-322d ago

I wish Tetsuya Takahashi would just make Xenosaga 4, 5, and 6. That, or remake Xenogears and make the second disc properly.

guywazeldatatt322d ago

I personally would prefer this to another Xenoblade game. Playing Xenosaga 1 it doesn't even look all that bad and it holds up, and even has better voice acting (except 2 but they fixed in 3 again) than most modern games.

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