Prepare for the Bruce Lee test as EA Sports UFC 3 gets early DLC

Neil writes: "If you're preparing to step into the Octagon with EA Sports UFC 3, and don't just want to harness the power of the usual fighters, then today's downloadable content addition should be just what you are after. The father of MMA is here - it's Bruce Lee time!"

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sizeofyou322d ago

Exactly the same DLC as the last UFC??
Bonus...get to buy it twice... 🤔

TheVetOfGaming322d ago

It's a really lazy instalment. Apart from moving when striking it's just the same game, but I will buy it second hand as I enjoy it... As basic as it is, it's the only option.

TheCommentator322d ago

It's not the same, it's been... "remastered"


Seriously, I know it's Bruce and all, but don't support it with a purchase if you don't agree with it. I think of it like this:
When someone goes on a diet, they sacrifice unhealthy things in order gain something better in the long run which is their health.
If we don't buy unhealthy MT's and DLC, the industry gets healthier for the consumer in the long run. Why would I want to give someone my money if I know they're screwing me over?

F'n EA, man...