TGS 08: Hothead shows off Swarm, R&D project almost realized

Destructoid writes: "Hothead, developer of Penny Arcade Adventures, recently showed off their research and development project Swarm at TGS. The video illustrates one of the key concepts that Hothead wanted to establish with the project – smart AI. Essentially the player controls one of those lovely blue creatures above, does a movement, and the AI responds by mimicking the behavior. We smell some pretty unique puzzle-based gameplay in the near future.

Swarm was the result of a submission into Canada's Great Canadian Video Game Competition, where Hothead secured a nice sum of money to create this gameplay prototype. When or if this game is going to hit the market has yet to be confirmed by Hothead.

It is interesting to see this in motion, but I would especially love to see it within more advanced game restraints. I can't help but to say I'm impressed, especially with how the AI can respond and remember to past behaviors. Would you guys like to see this as a game at some point?"

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