GamePlasma: Pure Review

Pure is a nice firs step for Disney Interactive. They have a found a license that works and should be able to bring us more outdoor adventures. GamePlasma is sure they will be seeing other vehicles in the mix sooner or later like the very popular professional dirt-bikes. Pure is certainly worth a look if you're looking for an entertaining time on the track and want to perform some of those tricks you've been watching on ESPN, it's all there.

For some racing fans, this game will be worth every bit of the $60 price tag. However, everyone else may want to download the demo first. In the end, Pure is a great racing game that has a lot to offer gamers.

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dxmnecro3569d ago

This game definitely looks interesting. One thing the market hasn't seen is alot of ATV racing games, especially ones that allow you to do stunts.

TheMART3569d ago

It looks better and more interesting then Motorstorm 2 with all the videos for both games that are out there

felidae3569d ago

Pure gets really boring after a couple of hours.

can't wait for Motorstorm 2 ... real intense off road action!!