GamePlasma: LEGO Batman Review

So, is LEGO Batman: The Video Game worth it? Yes and no. Yes, mostly because its Batman and Robins antics alone that makes up for some of the mundane levels you have to go through to get to those cut-scenes. Yes, because playing as the villains is more than likely what everyone has always wanted to do as far as these LEGO games are concerned, and TT Games finally got something right. No because the formula hasn't changed much and you're still looking at LEGO Batman and saying it's just a [insert popular LEGOs series here] game, nothing to see here.

No online co-op might fret off a few people looking for some online action. LEGO Batman: The Video Game sees itself as a rental and something you should really think about before purchasing, so that you don't feel like you've wasted that purchase.

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dxmnecro3384d ago

The LEGO series has only been OK. I don't see where they could continue doing this without some sort of radical change.