Wccftech’s Most Anticipated PlayStation 4 Games of 2018

2017 was another solid year for the PlayStation 4, but 2018 has the potential to blow it away. Here's Wccftech's list of most anticipated PS4 games coming this year.

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JKSimmons324d ago

Agree with a lot of these! Detroit and God of War are at the top of my list.

OB1Biker324d ago

Enough with the misinformation. Days Gone has never been said to released in the first half 2018

mandf323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

At the last sony conference they confirmed it for 2018. Go watch it

mkis007323d ago

YA 2018 never first half is what his comment reads

mkis007323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Playing Infamous SS last night made me realize just how much I want that Spider man Game

ZombieKiller323d ago

It's a battle for the best this year! Games I'm REALLY looking forward to in 2018 (in no order):

Devil May Cry HD trilogy Remaster
God of War
Days Gone
Red Dead F---ing Redemption 2
Ghosts Of Tsushima (probably 2019 but hey I'll count it because.....AMAZING!)
Hell, I'm even looking forward to seeing Treyarch's COD game now that it's returned to it's roots. I know, we're talking exclusives to PS4

Cyborgg323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Red Dead F---ing Redemption 2


I would also add Bayonetta 3 even though its a Nintendo exclusive

Xenophon_York323d ago

Zombiekiller, we might have to rename you to Listkiller—because you're killin' it with those great choices. If I may, your list undoubtedly should include Detroit: Become Human.

In any case, I applaud you for including Ghost of Tsushima—regardless it'll probably be a 'nineteen release—I do the same thing on my 'eighteen list.

SenorFartCushion323d ago

Why are Detroit and Days Gone on there? XD

The release windows look hazy. Days Gone might be pushed to 2019, which would put it next to the very-similar-looking Last of Us Part 2

FITgamer323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Sony already stated they wouldn't announce release windows anymore unless they were sure that they'd meet them. David Cage also reiterated today that Detroit would be releasing "Spring 2018 we said, spring 2018...".

I have very little doubt either game will get delayed.

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