Jatheish Karunakaran: Ark Survival Evolved is ‘Maybe the Ultimate Survival Game’

Hardcore Gamer recently caught up with Jatheish Karunakaran, the lead community manager and associate producer at Studio Wildcard, to talk about Survival Evolved’s high and low points. In our exclusive interview, we asked Mr. Karunakaran about Survival of the Fittest’s free standalone release, the impact of 4K gaming on Studio Wildcard’s projects and the studio’s VR support for Survival Evolved.

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JKSimmons327d ago

Heard a lot about this game, but never actually played it. Might have to pick it up and see what all the fuss is about.

NotoriousWhiz326d ago

Graphics and performance are awful, but the gameplay itself is a lot of fun. Me and my nephew schedule large periods of time to play on our dedicated server.

ZeroX9876325d ago

Depending on your hardware of choice, performance could be different. On my PC the game runs great, but on my original PS4, you can see some drops here and there, but the experience is still epic!

One thing I would recommend is increasing the ressources multiplier, because farming metals can become a never ending task.

one2thr326d ago

I still think, "Rust" is better.