Take-Two Investor Call On Feb 7th, Expect Red Dead Info Before Then

RDR2 writes "Take-Two Interactive’s investor conference and earnings calls have always been a volatile source of information. Things like in-game features are not usually discussed (unless it’s about monetization), but at other times hints about release dates can be dropped, or may serve as approximations of around when to expect news… News about Red Dead Redemption 2, in this case."

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seanpitt23321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

This will be delayed again without any shadow of doubt, my guess will be September 2018 at the earliest might even be pushed back to 2019. This was to be expected because rockstar San Diego have been having massive issues with developing this game and with staff turnovers.

I don't know why rockstar announce there games way to early they must do it to keep the shareholders happy but the sad thing is we havnt had a new game from rockstar this generation.

gotwoods320d ago

Would be so disappointing if true! GTA was like 5 years ago!

Profchaos320d ago

No single game from Rockstar has meet a deadline it's partly why their games are so loved they are not rushed

--bienio--320d ago

Give us info about PC then delayed game!! Don’t matter for PC players Just give us something!!!

Ceaser9857361320d ago

"Give us info about PC then delayed game!! Don’t matter for PC players Just give us something!!!"

It wont come on PC ... ;)

cfc83320d ago

Shark Cards >>>> RDR2 delay

BadElf320d ago

I hope this comes out soon!

mafiahajeri320d ago

I really really hope this releases in the next few months

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