Microsoft, Sony Remain Upbeat About Holiday Sales

Yahoo: "Sales of both the Microsoft Xbox 360 line and the Sony PlayStation 3 lag well behind the popular Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo PlayStation DS also enjoys a solid lead over Sony's PlayStation Portable, although that trend has slowed or even reversed recently in Japan.

Nintendo is not at the Tokyo Game Show -- an event it routinely skips. Its two rivals, however, are taking full advantage of the opportunity to showcase new offerings."

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360 man3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

alright its official ceo of troll corp you really have no life

EDIT: theres other things to do other than this site man jeeezz louizz

LevDog3571d ago

Gaming will be fine,even in these tough times.. For one people are looking for ways to be entertained and not spend alot of money.. PS3/360/Wiis are alot cheaper than taking a family on vacation..

Investment wise.. If your a family.. PS3 is the best option.. Gaming and HD movies.. For a a decent price..

But all in all Gaming should be fine.. and prolly see a boom..

ShinMaster3571d ago

Tomorrow, Sony will be showing some more sweet stuff at TGS!

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