Sony Is Offering 10% Discount Code For NA PlayStation Store, Expires On January 30th

Sony seems to be rather generous this week with a brand new sale called PlayStation Essentials. In addition to this sale, they are also offering a 10% discount code.

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Malice-Flare325d ago

sales are what PSN learned from Steam aside from selling things like "Life of Black Tiger..."

Eonjay324d ago

Steam should learn from PSN. Steam has too many crap games and straight up asset flipping scams. I know they want to have an open platform but they need to address straight up steal first and foremost.

corroios324d ago

we are getting cheaper and cheaper games. Thats nice.

FITSniper324d ago

Sadly does not apply to PS+ subscriptions

Cmv38324d ago

Going to use this for 10% off monster Hunter.

Scar-324d ago

I'm fighting the urge to do this must have the disc.

Morpheuzpr324d ago

Didn't worked for me. 😫

rezzah322d ago

Doesnt work on preorders, so you will have to lose out on the bonuses.

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