THQ Nordic and Versus Evil sign exclusive distribution deal for “Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire”

THQ Nordic today announced signing a global distribution deal (excluding the Korean language version) for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire with Versus Evil.

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gangsta_red31d ago

I really wanted to like the first game but the loading times were ridiculous for Xbox.

It loaded for every location you went to and they got longer and longer. Walk out of a building, loading, walk into another building loading and Lord forbid you forgot to talk to someone or grab an item and have to go back into that building!

I really hope they fix that for the sequel.

TGG_overlord31d ago

Oh...I'm sorry to hear that :S That's a must fix with no doubt, as it's a real game killer.

gangsta_red31d ago

It was, seriously, and I was craving a Divinity fix!

eyeDEVOUR30d ago

Same happened to me on ps4.. But I loved the game so much that I built a pc. The problem was solved but I think it was because of the bad porting that Paradox did for the consoles rather than the consoles themselves being underpowered..

Fist4achin31d ago

Still have to rip through the first one!

HyperMouse31d ago

Sweet havnt played the first one yet though looks good, im going through Elex right now, i am surprised by how good it is