NA PlayStation Store Sales This Week Has Upto 60% Discount On COD: WWII, Battlefront 2, More

North American PlayStation Store is having a major themed sale this week called PlayStation Essentials.

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zivtheawesome242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

some great deals here. and with the 10% off to top it all i am really wondering how to do this. i am planning on spending 100$ so one option i have is:
GOW 60$ + persona 5 30$ + ME:A 15$ = 105 and with discount 94.5 hmm.
maybe switch ME:A with hellblade

zivtheawesome242d ago

coupon doesn't work with preorders....

Ittoittosai242d ago

Nothing with a big enough discount really to get excited over.

derkasan242d ago

Got my eye on Zero Time Dilemma. Really liked 999 - is it just as good?

Becuzisaid242d ago

Haven't beaten it yet (put about 10-15 hours into it so far) - not as good. The story is incoherent - not a huge surprise for this series, but this is seriously all over the place. The escape rooms are about on par with 999 though in terms of complexity. Out of the whole series, I'd say this is the worst of the 3, though both 999 and VLR are incredible so that's not a knock on ZTD.

Stay-Toasty242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

It's amazing, you really should play zero escape: virtues last reward. It's the sequel to 999 and its imo better. Then both of those games totally come together in zero time dilemma. Amazing games

derkasan242d ago

Yeah, I've been meaning to play Virtue's Last Reward too. Good to know it's solid.

shingojacky241d ago

It's not bad I guess. I played it on PSV.

conjurdevil242d ago

great deals - last guardian , need for speed , star trek bridge..+ 10% discount code xD