Jay Wilson "You will love the next D3 character" interviewed D3's Lead Designer Jay Wilson this morning at BlizzCon. In addition to sharing new information about how waypoints will work in D3, how the party system has been reworked (removed), lots more about spell runes, and confirming that player-assigned attribute points have been removed from D3, they were able to ask Jay what fans would think of the next D3 character to be revealed.

Months ago, Jay said fans would "hate" the next character (just revealed to be the Wizard) since she was too similar to previous Diablo characters. What did Jay say when asked how fans would react to the 4th (of 5) D3 chars to be revealed?

Jay Wilson: "You will love the next D3 character"

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Adriana Lima3566d ago

and it turned out everyone loved it.
So i'm guessing we'll hate the new hero.

SCFreelancer3566d ago

Logical conclusion, but I hope you are wrong! I do love the 3th character though..

Leord3566d ago

Well, you could also see it as "so much better reception", so if he sa ywe'll love it, we'll be heads over heel instead ;)

Leviathon3566d ago

I want a character that is like a druid and then I will love it. It doesn't necessarily have to be a druid but just some kind of class with mechanics similar to the shapeshifting and whatnot.

kalos3566d ago

I'm guessing the next one will be "Murloc". I sat around and thought for some time on what is actually better than a wizard. I came up with nothing but that, I mean how can you top a wizard? The wizard rocks, but unless they're wheeling out an old fan favorite I don't see anything obvious that'll top it. Guess Blizzard still hold all the cards on this mystery.

SCFreelancer3566d ago

If they would include a murlock anything near the way you envision it crowds will cry wow related things, wow players will buy the game just to see it in high resolution action and even the remains of old tristram will goto hell.

Synteny3566d ago

If we go by his reasoning that the Wizard would not be liked since it was similar/familiar then this new character that every one will love will probably be very different from the Diablo classes we know.

Or he just changed his mind on how people are going to react, maybe it could be a copy-paste character from a previous Diablo game.

SCFreelancer3566d ago

Well some sort of environment bender in combination with spell stealing and shapeshifting would be interesting. A really strategic class that gets it strength from the enviroment.

Many people expect
a rogue/assassin type
a paladin/priest type

I hope for a special but very interesting mix of other things.

habsfan93566d ago

A murloc would kick ass, imagine killing zombies and demons... as a fishman!

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The story is too old to be commented.