PSP-3000 Sneaks Out a Bit Early, Suffers an Unboxing

Engadget: "Due to be launched next Tuesday, the PSP-3000 Ratchet & Clank Entertainment Pack has managed to slip into at least one Best Buy a few days early, where it was quickly snatched up by friendly tipster Aaron G. He sent us a few unboxing shots out of the kindness of his heart, and now he's undoubtedly too engrossed in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets and that ultra-bright screen to pay us much heed. Oh Nicolas Cage, what a charmer you are."

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Max Power3391d ago

::pulls out a dollar, looks for a place to tuck it in::

Sarcasm3391d ago

At least it's boxed a lot nicer than the PSP-2000

Fade_Walker3391d ago

Perhaps one day...but not any day soon :(

dragunrising3391d ago

@ Meijer. What is a Meijer you ask? Walmart type of store found in the Midwest, most notably in Michigan.

I haven't seen any of the PSP 3000 w/ 4gig memory stick but found the bundle. There was only one left! Lucky whoever happens to snatch it up.

andyo133391d ago

can someone inform me on whats new about the psp 3000?

im very surprised i didn't know anything about it sooner as it was

Julia Bond3390d ago

consult the oracle(google)



Max Power3390d ago

aka psp brite, it comes with a better screen, pretty much compare your 4 year old LCD with a new LCD, oh and a built in microphone.

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