Diablo 3 Class Panel Q&A Video

At the Diablo 3 Class Panel, a good part of the interesting material released was in the fan Q&A session at the end. The video is now released for everyone's viewing pleasure.

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Leord3509d ago

I'm just amazed that we don't see more of this type interesting info in the actual panels, and that people must ASK for it =P

In fact, if they had hour long Q&A sessions, I'd rather watch that ^^

SCFreelancer3509d ago

Well, it wouldn't be fun for the journalists if every question they have is answered before they ask it now would it :P

Fox013509d ago

Diablo III will ship in 6 discs each will be 2 hours long.

Wuushu3509d ago

Woooot, good steady stream of info - keep it going!

syrinx3509d ago

awesome info coming out of blizzcon this weekend!

Synteny3509d ago

I love watching these panels, be it art, gameplay or lore.

SCFreelancer3509d ago

I agree, although I do miss the free live coverage we had during the Blizzard World Wide Invitational 2008.

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