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VGW offers the ultimate in PS3 Video Game Detailing. With VGW you can experience Video Game Information like never before with up to the minute detailed information - kept upto date by *you* the user community. You can also view user feedback and commentary and the latest breaking news about your pending Video Game choices.

Once registered you can change EVERY detail of the Video Game - you will then feature on the Game Page Leaderboard. You can also then add the Trophies you have earned to your profile, a simple click whilst playing the game is all it takes to add that important Trophy to your own profile.

Click the GAMES DB tab to find out the latest Video Game Details, view the latest Game additions, view what Games are coming in the current / previous / upcoming month. Lets make it clear, we are not a news site - we have gone the extra mile for you.

Everyone has pulled together to deliver one of our most integrated backends to date, providing you with a one stop shop of PS3 game information. It all looks spectacular and is a great celebration of our strength in the Video Games industry. Now you can be involved keeping data fresh. Members also receive Breaking News Emails on the most important events such as Limited Beta Sign Ups and all that good stuff.

A big thank you to everyone involved, across all teams, as this has truly been a team effort.

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