Dynasty Warriors 9's Gameplay Trailers Show Zhang He, Sun Shangxiang, Ma Dai, Pang Tong, and Guo Hai

Koei Tecmo shows more of the officers that will fight for supremacy in Dynasty Warriors 9 with a new batch of character trailers.

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slate91246d ago

Co-op or no buy. Period!

slate91246d ago

Yeah i cant believe it. Was looking forward to playing this online with friends. Or at the very least local co-op

fenome245d ago

This one doesn't have co-op? Seriously?!

GREGNESS245d ago

I know how you feel buddy, me and my sister always played co-op, it was one of the reason we loved the games so much from the first time they had co-op in DW3, so it is sad to not see it in there for this game but I will still get the game at some point :)

AizenSosuke246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Boss battles or no buy. Period!