Will Nintendo Switch Catch Up to PlayStation 4 in Japan This Year?

Nintendo Switch's massive sales have reinvigorated the Japanese console market, but will the console's stock issues hurt its chances of passing PS4's total sales before the year's end?

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Aceman18322d ago

I'm PS 1st, Ninty 2nd and we all know the switch catch and pass PS4 this year. Why was this question even asked 😒

michellelynn0976322d ago

Well, it is a good question to ask and Sony is great. I have been a bit harsh on them, but no question, Nintendo and Sony are killing it right now and who cares who wins. They both are the leaders in helping video games comeback to the mainstream.

wonderfulmonkeyman322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

It very well might.
Word is that it's already over 14M global, and Japan's gotta be a decent chunk of that.

UCForce322d ago

I can say Bring it on. I love to compete.

Septic322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

You love to compete? Which company are you?

PhoenixUp322d ago

It could very likely happen

Segata322d ago

Switch is already over 3 million. PS4 is 6 million. So it won't be hard for Switch to catch up and surpass it.

RosweeSon321d ago

In one country. Not to take anything away from it as PS4 has had 4 years however japan have been handheld console for years Nintendo have hit nail on the head so think they’ll easily surpass PS4 in Japan the rest of the world tho? It’ll be interesting to see as it makes no difference to me who wins... as I’m winning I got both however be good to see Nintendo give Sony a proper challenge as Xbox has been embarrassing sold barely half and clear to see why for a non biased gamer.

Concertoine321d ago

I mean the xbox one is at 25-30 million right now, in one year the Switch is already at 14 million.

If MS doesn't change the game up Nintendo will eclipse them fast. I bought a Xbox One in 2014 and it ended up being one of my most regretful purchases due to the lack of quality first party games. The last "exclusive" i bought was Recore.

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The story is too old to be commented.