Lost Sphear Review - IGN

This RPG is so cluttered with homages to classics that it fails to create an identity of its own.

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Lon3wolf325d ago

Maybe worth it at 1/2 of the price they are trying to charge for this, £38 lol.

Gardenia325d ago

Can't believe they screwed this up. Apparently Japan can't make old school JRPG's anymore. Sad really

3-4-5325d ago

Really? Have you seen Dragon Quest XI ?

Elda325d ago

The game is worth 15 or 20 dollars.

Prince_TFK325d ago

Damn...and I was really looking forward to this one. Very disappointing. Oh well, MHW here I come.

Bahamut325d ago

Octopath Traveler looks fantastic. Keep your eye on that. Ni No Kuni 2 as well.

SegaGamer325d ago

So you're not going to play just because IGN gave it an average score ? make your own mind up on game, don't let others do it for you.

TekoIie325d ago

To be fair a few mixed reviews can make me have doubts about buying a game that I consider to currently be overpriced.

I think I'm going to buy this in a week or two but its possible i may not now.

Prince_TFK325d ago


With gaming already as expensive as it is, I gotta be more careful in selecting what game I could buy, especially since this month has so many great ones including Subnautica, DFZ, and MHW. I couldn’t afford all at once, so priority, you know.

But you’re right. I will keep this one in my radar once I clear up some other games.

Cyborgg325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

This game is on PC and every console except Xbox?

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The story is too old to be commented.