Why are Gamers So Angry?

Susana Valdes writes: "This isn’t the case amongst the loud minority. A (now ex) friend of mine hated the Assassin’s Creed series. He couldn’t stand the game, for whatever reason, and always personally attacked me whenever I brought up my excitement for an upcoming game or already released game."

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theXtReMe1273d ago

I think its more spoiled than anything else. They dont take any game for what it is, always wanting more from everything and comparing new titles to games that had budgets 10x the size. Then, there are the console wars fanatics. People who defend their brand to the death. Acting as if their lives depended on that piece of plastic. Like Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo is paying them to advocate on their behalf. Im not even sure, most of the time, that any of them even play games... because they always seem to be waiting in the shadows of every forum, waiting to pounce on anyone who doesnt share their beliefs.

Play games, not systems. Console, PC, phone or tablet... we are all using them to play, mostly, the same games. Which we should be enjoying together, not bickering over which has an extra pixel or two.

OB1Biker273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

No, no, no. There's nobody :defending their brand to the death'. I know you mean well but that sort of expression is exactly what hate is about. There's nothing wrong with loving gaming, loving a gaming experience on any platform. What is wrong is trying to belittle people because they love something and using silly expression like 'defending' (I'm not even going onto the 'to death' silliness).
The mystery to me is how can people waste so much time on expressing their hate for hardware (no using piece of plastic expression, that's the sort of silly expression coming from spite and easily spiraling into despise, hate confrontation or even often used in a hypocritical way)
How people can waste so much time expressing hate on games is even a bigger mystery. I also dare say on publishers and developers is another one.
Love stronger than hate is the point.

theXtReMe1273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

There is a difference between loving a system and going out of your way to make others who game on another system feel bad or lesser for not owning it. Which was my point. My whole post was about gamers getting along for the greater good of the hobby. Not fighting about the plastic they are playing those games on.

Maybe it just came off the wrong way in the post. LoL. Anyways, I agree with you. Im hippy all the way., Ive been a gamer since Pong and just want the world to get along.

Brian7655492273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

They are talking about riduculing others for enjoying something they don't. It's teasing to a whole new level which is abuse. This I think boils down to immaturity, lack of empathy and education.

Saying you suck in competitive online is different than saying of course you would like Asssassins Creed because you're an idiot.

People should be free to purchase what they want, whether it be EA games, Ubisoft or Microsoft related items free of hassle (who all seem to be highly targeted within the forums). The pc community is alo very toxic, try talking about games like Dragonball Fighter Z without all the aggressive posters around. Or games that have Denuvo. There is so much anger out there not just to the publisher but also towards others. The internet has become a dumping ground for the obsessed and the depressed.

OB1Biker273d ago

I agree with both thanks for clearing things up theX :)

fiveby9272d ago

@Brian People are free to purchase what they want. One has to be very thin-skinned, immature, and/or easily manipulated to allow anonymous forum postings, social media, or an Ex significant other to berate them into not purchasing something they want to play. Who the heck cares if someone doesn't like your gaming choices. Play what makes you happy. Granted I think trolling or bullying someone over a prospective purchase is equally immature. One has to be stronger than that and follow your own interests, not someone else's.

OB1Biker272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

'trolling or bullying someone over a prospective purchase is equally immature'
And that's the point. You want to be able to talk about games you enjoy (not just prospective buy) in the relevant posts in a friendly atmosphere.
Its the other way s the haters who think they have influence not gamers enjoying their game. The toxic comments are wrong even if they don't influence mature gamers that's not an excuse.

HyperMouse272d ago

No, no, no. There's nobody :defending their brand to the death' must not see the influx of toxic waste from fanboys on any MS or PS article, or hell PC referring to people as peasants, to death may be an exaggeration but the comment has substance.

272d ago
OB1Biker272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Often people simply saying they disagree or even pointing out a detail are called out as 'defending' something. Its ridiculous. Posting your thoughts in a comment is not defending anything. I think you are referring to some fanboy warriors trying to promote their brand by any means which is different than saying you disagree and explain in a reasonable way

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I believe it's the whiny minority. PC Elitists and Console Warriors scream and yell when things don't go their way. However, the console warriors are the absolute worst. They don't seem to understand that these corporations are not their friends. The only thing that these gaming companies want from you is YOUR MONEY and those that constantly damage control for and defend weak leadership truly need to understand that the word 'corporation' has nothing to do with the word friendship.

PLAYWATCH76272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I understand your point but you seem to be missing the point that some corporations have people who work for them who are more passionate about their work and thus produce products of different level of qualities.

All developers are corporations and want your money but some are more worthy of getting your support than others.

Chaos_Order272d ago

"They dont take any game for what it is, always wanting more from everything and comparing new titles to games that had budgets 10x the size."
If the games are launched at the same price then it should be fair to compare them. Doesn't matter what the budget is. In fact if the low budget directly resulted in a worse experience then by all means, it should be noted as a negative aspect.

Unreal01272d ago

Oh the irony of Septic popping up in an article like this.

Septic272d ago

Lol you're saying I'm the cause of your anger Unreal?

Felsager272d ago

Pretty much is just that, the lag.

It breaks gaming smoothness and continuity. Lag is a central issue in current gaming.

272d ago
Big_Game_Hunters272d ago

No? Journalists mad because their english degree didn't teach them how to play games. Corporations mad because we don't want to eat the shit from their assholes. Must be that gamers are spoiled and angry.

thisismyaccount272d ago

... sexual frustration (frigid)

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