Far Cry 5 will be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech

DSOGaming writes: "The official Steam store page for Far Cry 5 has revealed that Ubisoft’s latest title will be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech. We are pretty sure that none of you will be surprised by this as Ubisoft has been using it in all of its games lately. However, it’s good that we already know about it."

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PressXtoBacon326d ago

you crazy, chris.

but me too


Skip a game because you would have to legally buy it?

kevnb326d ago

because he doesnt like the way that drm works, it will probably get cracked at some point anyway.

bluefox755326d ago

That's just it, he won't have to buy it legally. Every Denuvo game that anyone cares about gets cracked anyway. A lot of people just don't like the DRM, which is understandable.

326d ago
Ittoittosai326d ago

The last Denova game was hack in 20 mins so there goes that statement.

crazychris4124325d ago

I legally buy all my games. DRM has a negative effect on game performance and the hackers are gonna crack it anyway.

Prince_TFK325d ago

Denovu causes most games to run like crap and in many cases force your cpu to run at %100 all the time.

So no, its not only about piracy.

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_-EDMIX-_325d ago

lol, I'll buy on PS4, skip on PC.

I don't get why they think doing this makes sense

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Jinger326d ago

I don't know why companies bother anymore. That shit is cracked in no time now.

PressXtoBacon326d ago

it's new tech.. but I'll give it a month

kevnb326d ago

assassins creed origins still isnt cracked, but I wonder if the drm actually lost them sales.

326d ago
crazychris4124325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Denuvo 4.8 was cracked a couple days ago. Took longer than usual but it happened. AC Orgins hasnt been cracked yet but the 1st layer is down so only a matter of time before they crack the game.

AspiringProGenji326d ago


So I bought a 2nd monitor and noticed that my 1080 has only one HDMI port and othe 3 that I didn’t know about. I researched and they are called Displayports. I have my main on DVI And I believe (still not sure) it is the best one and the second on HDMI. My question is which port is the best one to have the monitors plugged in?

ligers82326d ago

You use HDMI for anything 1080p resolution and Displayport for 4K. HDMI can go up to 120hz, but if you want more than that, say 144hz, then use Displayport. If you do not care about any of that, good old HDMI is fine.

AspiringProGenji326d ago

Thanks You very much for this!

2pacalypsenow326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

HDMI can do 4k, but it's limited to 30hz, unless it's HDMI 2.0

Display port will allow you to have 60hz and beyond.

bluefox755326d ago

Displayport is the best, but not really necessary unless you've got a top end rig.

munchmiller326d ago

Nearly fell over when reading this. Nobody saw this coming.

SunnyZ326d ago

Yeah, no shit... How is this news?

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