Let's Take it Easy, Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition Is Fine

Twinfinite Writes: Day one buyers shouldn't feel shortchanged by the newly announced Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition.

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FallenAngel1984150d ago

It’s not even going to include all content for the game since more FLC will be released afterward

Chaosdreams150d ago

It's a swell package for those who've yet to buy into the game, but for first timers we are left crossing are arms - waiting to see what exactly it'll cost us for the royal update.

A possible season 2 also looms in the horizon. So depending on the pricing structure, those from the beginning might get burned.

Shinkus150d ago

They already announced the cost for the royal upgrade, $20

Chaosdreams150d ago

They (Square Enix) retracted that price since it was inaccurate. As of now there's no price for it.

PressXtoBacon150d ago

meh. We still aren't done with this game yet?

cleft5150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

So this is how people felt when they kept pushing FF13 on people.

Harkins1721150d ago

It's been 1 year for XV. XIII had 3 to 4 years. 2018 is the last year for XV. So it will get a total of 2 years of post content.

coffeemaster150d ago

It’s been over a year, i think its fine for people who haven’t played it

Steveoreno1150d ago

No version of this game is fine.

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