NXE Really Does Make Your Xbox Better (Kotaku Preview)

Kotaku: "There were two main reasons Microsoft decided to totally redo the Xbox 360 interface: 1) to make everything easier to find and 2) making it easier for the Xbox team to make changes to the system on the fly (instead of having to wait for semi-annual updates).

After spending a little hands on time with NXE, I'm pretty convinced they've succeeded with that first goal (time will tell with the second). A whole slew of navigation options make it easier to locate anything from a recently downloaded demo to a group of friends playing Call of Duty 4 that you can party with. The Spotlight channel highlights whatever's new in any channel (movie trailers, content packs, demos, etc.) and the actual game library (gasp!) has a details page that will display all the stuff you've downloaded for it. You can even see stuff you haven't downloaded, like if there's a new map pack, and jump from the detail page directly to Marketplace to buy the content."

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Vespertine3568d ago

"There were more options for facial and body structure, color and decoration. I could have freckles, vampire fangs, or a mullet. There were ear piercings, soul patches and whacky skin colors (e.g. green). There are idle animations (my favorite is the guy one where he picks lint off his arm, grimaces and flicks it away), and hidden “treats” that the avatars react to (like when you zoom in too fast – you might bump your avatar in the head and knock him senseless)."

That sounds pretty cool.

I'm actually looking forward to the avatars..
I don't know about the hardcore gamers though..

IdleLeeSiuLung3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

It seems the author of the article is a little confused. There is no installing a game on the hard drive, it just a cache of the disc on the hard drive. It is also optional, and not required. Why are so many people confused at such a simple idea?

By the way, I agree with the above poster. I'm excited about the avatars.... It looks much more mature than the Wii ones.

Megatron083568d ago

Wonder if I'd be able to make an avatar of morrigan ?

Bloodshedder3568d ago

kotaku? says something good about a console? oh never mind its from a xbox:D he loves his xbox

Killjoy30003568d ago

Yeah, but when t comes to Playstation Home and LBP, they have to bust out their torches and pitchforks.

BTW, beautiful avatar.

CEO of Troll Corp3568d ago

How does it feel being shafted again and again and again and again and again and.....

TheMART3568d ago

Good to see that they still have more then those with a BetaBluRayStation 3 for 400 bucks though.

Marquis_de_Sade3567d ago

that anyone posting here, on a gaming site, will at least own a Pro/premium console (Sony fanboys pretending they have one excluded of course). You really think the casual crowd of core owners is going to care about being able to instal games on the HDD?

Rhezin3568d ago

this moron threatened me with the FBI! because I called him a pathetic moron and to stop posting his obviously retarded bullsh!t.

Internet Trolling Ex3568d ago

It must feel good to them,since they've been taking it up the pooper from microsoft ever since the xbox 360 launched.

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