Dragon Ball FighterZ Doesn't Feature Loot Boxes That You Buy With Real Money

GameSpew: Heard that Dragon Ball FighterZ has loot boxes that you buy with real money? That's only half right. We're here to set the record straight.

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AizenSosuke323d ago

Excellent 100% buy gamers, support this, send these AAA devs a msg.

AnubisG322d ago

Before you do that, just know that they already cut characters to sell as DLC. I'd wait for a year or so to get the full version for $40 or less. That is what I will do.

SegaGamer323d ago

Basically just like the old Budokai games where you had to save up Zeni to buy Capsules to unlock things.

Snookies12322d ago

It's wonderful that they're doing this. Sets a great example, that hopefully future developers will follow. I'm more than happy to support this game with a pre-order!