Gamertell Exclusive: Interview with Ladytron

Ladytron is one of the most kick-ass electronic bands to grace the virtual fields (and courts!) of some of this year's biggest jockfests. Featured in NBA Live 2009 and FIFA 09, the band's distinctive electro-pop will finally hit the ears of mass audiences - check out "Runaway" in FIFA, and a very cool Blestanation remix of "Ghost" in NBA Live. The band has been a success in the dance-electronic-pop world, and they've certainly garnered acclaim (and a legion of fans), so it's always great to see good (and interesting!) musicians get exposure in such a mainstream way.

Gamertell had a quick chat (via email) with band member Reuben Wu about the evolution of game music, how games have influenced Ladytron's sound, and how marathon Zelda sessions are the best way to spend a sick day.

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