5 Reasons Why LittleBigPlanet Is Creepy

John writes: "I've been spending a bit of time playing with the LittleBigPlanets over the past few days, and am mildly impressed. Partially due to the enjoyable tones of Stephen Fry, and partially due to the apparent charm the game has. But after playing through the tutorial a couple more times and hopping online to try out a few levels, my perception has begun to shift.

Small things in LittleBigPlanet have slowly started to make me feel uneasy. The more I think about it, the more the game becomes downright unsettling. So read on for my top 5 reasons why LittleBigPlanet is creepy as hell."

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ThatCanadianGuy3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago ) being negative about LBP..
Surprise,surprise.And his reasons are ridiculous.

Apart from the sackboy suicide.I can't spin that..

3352d ago
Insomnia_843352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

For some reason, everything he said hyped me more about the game 0_0

thePatriot3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

that goes on a killing spree.
hmmmm...(just go a great idea for a lbp level)
I think this guy needs to see a shrink.

whateva3352d ago

next we will see someone saying that Sack Boy is Evil.

like they did with the Pokemons a few years ago

trancefreak3352d ago

what a lamer. Little Big planet is amazing some people are over analytical.

rexor07173352d ago

Tell me a game where you see the main character even have the choice to be happy. Where was this guys articles about first person shooters? You make people dead.

fusionboxer3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Whateva you make it sound like Pokemon aren't evil...

Oh and 2 sackgirls 1 cup could most likely be created in little big planet (judging from all the spectacular levels so far), which makes this guys fears even more unsettling haha.

Anyway check out my level. Heroes quest. Just search up fusionboxer and look at my only level. I had a couple all nighters to get the things working right so don't sleep!

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Brixxer6003352d ago

That's the problem, he is serious.

How can you be serious about a game that has a sackperson running around, climbing into jet powered skateboards, grabbing onto pink floaty things and pulling funny faces ?

This guy needs to lighten up and get out more.

Killjoy30003352d ago

It's negative gamer, so don't take it too seriously.

wardrox3352d ago

It's a light-hearted list. Also, thanks to Killjoy3000 for noticing the URL, I find most people who come to NG seem confused as to why everything seems to negative :)

Killjoy30003352d ago

Thanks for the support, Wardox. I'm happy to give you bubbles.

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Expy3352d ago

"4. You can emote your Sackperson, but only one emotion is happy"

Uhm, 3 emotions are happy.. Each directional button on the d-pad allows 3 emotions of each: happiness, sadness, surprise/fear, and anger

rhood0223352d ago

Not only that but:

Happy, Sad, Fear and Anger are the FOUR BASE EMOTIONS.

Anything else is just a nuance of these four.

Barreldragon003352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

haha that was pretty funny. from now on i'm only going to run through the levels crying.
come on this is supost to be a joke like sarcastic gamer.

Halochampian3352d ago

I think the people on here need to lighten up some. It was all out of fun.