Joystiq TGS 08: White Knight Chronicles impressions

White Knight Chronicles has changed a lot since we played it at Tokyo Game Show last year. Our conclusion at the time was that the game would be a gorgeous JRPG with an intriguing, customizable battle system; an exciting prospect for RPG-starved PS3 owners to be sure. However, after today's White Knight Chronicles presentation, we're sure the game has the potential to be much more than that.

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sonarus3511d ago

Sony needs this JRPG for Japan. They still have the edge with FFXIII still being exclusive in Japan and that is easily going to be the highest seller by far.

WKC though seems like the next best thing. The online mode addition is a huge step forward for JRPG's and i can't wait to play it. I hope the localization doesn't take too long and i really do hope they get around to adding voice chat into the game.

crazy250003511d ago

I want RPGs for my starting to get old RPGs from the PS2 =/

sonarus3511d ago

i hear valkyrie chronicles is VERY good. Haven't tried it myself though

Silogon3511d ago

I have never, and I love my Suikoden 1 and 2, been this hyped about an RPG before. The way you don't play the main character, but are simply apart of his team is great. The creation of your avatar is also great and the online aspects sound like a mini WOW, or Monster Hunter type thing even. In a slight way.

This game is going to probably deliever on 9 out of 10 things it hopes to achieve. WKC is going to be huge if Sony is smart.

muddygamesite3511d ago

Well its all up to their advertising. If they fail to Advertise, then the sales will be poor.

peedie163511d ago

they better put voice chat in the game

dimitry213511d ago

i would love to see a gameplay of the white night only.what kind of skills they have and WHEN WILL IT BE OUT IN THE US

peedie163511d ago

Its about time a Japanese RPG developer try something new and not wait to see what the FF teams are going to do and try to copy that

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