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Adam Cook: "An exquisite feeling fighter that is both approachable and deep. Time will tell if it has staying power, but it's the best use of the Dragon Ball Z name in quite some time."

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RommyReigns329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

Glad to see that this is raking in the high 8's and 9's, the daft 'lootbox issue' has been tossed aside by players who received the game early (cosmetics, only earned with in game points not real money, and no duplicates), the trophy list is reasonable even though I'm ready for the huge grind of 20 million Zeni, and now hopefully the online is great at launch (despite the beta issues, I am confident that Ark Systems can make the online work from launch onwards like I heard with the recent Guilty Gear, seeing as both games have a similar lobby system). Can't wait for my copy to arrive in the post.