Dragon Ball FighterZ Review - IGN

The fusion of Arc System Works and Dragon Ball Z makes for one of the most accessible gateways into fighting games ever crafted.

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AizenSosuke299d ago

It's a good game definitely, but MTs really make the game more unbearable.

UCForce299d ago

Ok what ? Is Dragon Ball Fighter Z have micro transactions ? Where is it ?

slappy508299d ago

The loot boxes are opened via in game currency Zeni, which is earned by playing the game. And Zeni is not purchasable with real world money, this was confirmed by the developer already

trooper_299d ago

It's an in game thing. What the heck are you talking about?

AizenSosuke299d ago

thanks I read the article and corected myself:9

Nybz299d ago

Aw, you didn't read a single thing about loot boxes did you?

That's adorable :D

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hulijizomi299d ago

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kevinsheeks299d ago

So have you guys never heard of conditioning? it's essentially them getting you used to the idea of something so they can fully implement it later on, if they have a system set up for lootboxes that doesn't charge it's just so they can ease you into the notion at a later point, and some of you are so quick to defend companies it's sad.

Nitrowolf2299d ago

Those types of boxes have existed in games for a very long time though, someone just decided to say hey, lets charge for it.

AirJohnston299d ago

Did you not see the absolutely massive backlash against Battlefront 2 and Shadow of War? I don't think anyone is getting conditioned anytime soon

SegaGamer299d ago

I have said many times on here how much i hate loot boxes, but the ones in this game have been around for years and are not a problem.

Do you remember the Budokai games ? You needed to buy Capsules to unlock new moves, battle items, characters, arena's, Dragon Balls. You bought those Capsules with in game currency. I loved that, it was great fun seeing if you got the item you needed. What we are seeing in this game is pretty much exactly the same thing.

Snookies12299d ago

I loved the capsule system back in the day! Kind of hoping the loot boxes on this game will include character color palettes.

ShadowWolf712299d ago

That system's been in DB games since Budokai 2, I believe. You'd buy a random "Capsule" that would have an energy attack/transformation, a physical combo/throw, a support item, etc. Whichever one you got was randomized. And it was all in-game currency.

So if anything, it's a throwback.

SegaGamer299d ago

Budokai 1 had them too. They were a bit more of pain in Budokai 1 though because the money took forever to build up. I'll liked that some items transferred over to the next game though, Budokai 1, 2 and 3 did this.

slate91298d ago

If your comment wasn't so sarcastic, I wouldn't reply in this fashion. But have you not played any dragon ball game? Like ever? Capsules have been a part of their games since playstation 2.

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blackblades299d ago

Well this and soul calibur vi this year. Wonder which one will win best fighting game of the year.