Trophies and achievements – a source of motivation or frustration?

How much is too much? When it comes to achievements and trophies, some developers don't know where to draw the line.

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strayanalog273d ago

I would bet on both, so... frustivation, maybe? I think there was only, like, two achievements I only ever wanted to shoot for because they were actually pretty hard (one of them was beating Limbo with less than five deaths).

Other than that, I never truly cared for them. It can be nice if the challenge is there, but to base playing a game around them (figuring up how many to get in one sit down) is kinda crazy in my opinion.
Unless it is a point based arcade game where your score is important then I'll never care about my gamer score. To each their own, of course, whatever motivates you, but I always thought the true satisfaction was actually beating the game.‎

Eidolon272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I think trophies add a feeling of accomplishment, and the ability to share them with friends, but also to prove to yourself that you could do it(reaction, strategy, patience, etc), it's not pointless. Though, I hate playing with a guide(missables) and multiple playthroughs for a platinum. I prefer difficulty and a challenge with a chapter select for clean up, if it has some missables that I can easily rememember, that's fine.. but there are some that it's like, every damn minute you have to look out for some interactive event or collectible, some games that don't even have chapter select and if you miss it, you're f'ed for the plat.. F'n hate that because there's really not skill involved, just proof of how determined or OCD explorative you are, that's not what a platinum should be(unless it's not missable). The challenge trophies are way more enjoyable.

Eidolon272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

While you think it's just a game, all these trophies are meaningless, it depends on your mindset. Your brain needs something, structure, a goal, even when not slaving away and stressing pointlessly at your meaningless job. Structure is key to keeping a healthy and active brain, the reward system, that's why this whole thing works, that's how games work. On top of that, you set a goal, especially for a game, you're improving your: reaction speed, problem solving, patience, listening, spatial awareness, memory.. etc. Games keep your mind active, more so than books or TV shows. It's a full spectrum wile you're at home, and if you have something to show for your achievements, it's all that more addicting. That's trophies/achievements. (at least not the bullshit missable ones, omg I hate them XD).

SegaGamer273d ago

A bit of both. I despise achievements that make you grind for hours. Online achievements are mainly horrible because you get people that play games JUST to get achievements. I also really hate missable achievements. No game should come with missable achievements. People want to play the game for fun, not overthink things and go online searching for guides because they are worried they have missed something vital to make their achievement pop.

Profchaos272d ago

Both I'm one trophy short of platinum on fallout 4 I hate it...stupid settlement 100 percent happiness trophy god dammit.... also any advice on how to?

blackblades272d ago

Yeah, I have a game that need one more trophy on ps3. Hunting me for years.

addictedtochaos272d ago

They are fine as long as the requirements for them aren’t too absurd.

blackblades272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

True dat, I have a few games where it be like a certain amount enemies or something. Then you have to sit there and grind for it because your done with the game and got everything else naturally. Make it worst would be the online trophies when the online is getting shutdown like dead star.

Point is its great when you can get them naturally or gets you to do something you'll never do like play stealth with no kills with no upgrade purchase. Bad/frustrating when grinding, depending on other players or something ridiculous.

FallenAngel1984272d ago

Most of the time I enjoy them until I see an unobtainable one

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The story is too old to be commented.