Star Wars Battlefront II Review - Is The Force Still Strong? - Thumb Culture

"Much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II by EA DICE, Motive Studios and Criterion Software has blasted onto our consoles and boy has it generated some mixed responses from the gaming world, unfortunately mainly negative." [email protected]

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BenRC01328d ago

Forget lootboxes, it's just a bad game. Horrendous load times, confusing and dull maps, over complicated progression system etc etc

hulijizomi328d ago

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boing1328d ago

I'd say, for the current price? It's awesome actually. Having a blast.

frostlatch328d ago

The game definitely has problems but I wouldnt say its THAT bad. Progression is still kinda painful and there are some balancing issues that they are continuously tweaking but it isnt a 6/10 to me. Maybe as low as 7/10 in some regards but the gameplay is actually really good and with recent balances the MP games are getting really nice. Good tug of war situations and nice weapon balancing. I dont know. Ive played it for 65 hrs now and enjoy it when I get home from work. It also nails the experience of Star Wars for me. Space combat and foot war. Its amazing. Visually too.