5 Games That Deserve Sequels

David: Developing video games is becoming more and more to be a risky venture, even for multi-billion companies, such as Activision or EA. You’d be considered a miracle worker – or completely naïve — to make a AAA game for less than ~$50 million. And say a project was given an appropriate budget, there’s just no guarantee that the game would make its money back unless it was part of an established franchise, similar to Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed.

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VerminSC326d ago

Viewtiful joe!! That game is so under appreciated, it’s amazing.

Retroman326d ago

Viewtiful Joe need to make a come back .

jidery326d ago

Kirby hasnt had a good game in a long time

TheOttomatic91326d ago

Would love a Viewtiful Joe Remaster Collection from Capcom. Sakaguchi has shown interest in the Switch would love to see him ditch mobile in favour of the Switch