Diablo 3 Wizard Skill Trees Detailed

The Storm and Arcane Skill trees for the newly revealed Wizard have been detailed in full in this report. Spells such as Ray of Frost, Epic Storms, Temporal Armor and Runic Might are just a portion of this new class's arsenal.

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Leord3566d ago

This is awesome. Haven't found this elsewhere.

Synteny3566d ago

Wow, I did not think we would get something like that so soon after the reveal of the Wizard.

Leord3566d ago

Yeah, quite surprising, actually!

kalos3566d ago

We're off to see the Wizard! (and now we know just what his skill tree is)

Leord3566d ago

You always make me lol ;)

JonahNL3566d ago

Nicely done! There are some really cool spells there I can't wait to get my hands on! ^^ I think I'll go with the Storm Talent Tree, looks like a true attack-based skill tree, which I prefer the most. This makes me even more excited! Still have to finish DII though...

Leord3566d ago

D3 plays very nice. I think most of the skills and animations are really cool looking as well as feeling. Very positive toward this, and they have made it different than WoW as well.

SCFreelancer3566d ago

Yea there sure are! I usually play caster classes. One of the reasons is that they can steal the show with an impressive lightning show. This is the sorceress on crack.

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The story is too old to be commented.