How Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus JUST misses the mark

Critics largely celebrated the release of Machine Game’s 2017 sequel to their Wolfenstein reboot. The reviews hearken towards the title’s expert storytelling, meaty gun-play and eclectic cast – all merits The New Colossus certainly holds in varying degrees. Its narrative reaches into some dark and intriguing places, the gameplay often manages to make one feel supremely skilled and virtually every character is a genuine delight. However, a number of vexing decisions – small issues with writing, the anticlimactic pacing, over-reliance on simplistic stealth, and the unnecessary decision to pull control from the player – hold Wolfenstein back from its potential status as the quintessential modern First-Person Shooter.

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bluefox755321d ago

It's a bit on the short side. After cutscenes, you have like 4 or 5 hours of gameplay. I liked the first one better tbh.

DarthSocio321d ago

It's a great game. I played it once but I don't think I'll play it again. I think that's a problem a lot of FPS shooters have, the replayability factor.

Felsager321d ago

I rented it for four dollars. Finished it and that's that.

It had a SHORT CAMPAIGN. These games need to be more 'open world' and provide better dialogues and characters. It has great potential but these games are way too temporary for 60 dollars. Look for example how satisfying is Horizon Zero Dawn. That game has one of the must satisfying single player campaign.

comebackkid9891320d ago

2018 is great, soon there will only be 2 camps, nazis and jews.