How Final Fantasy XV Made Me a Better Caregiver

Kyle at GameSpew: Final Fantasy XV is a game about relationships. Playing it while my partner was hospitalised for serious medical complications, it spoke to me in a way no other game ever has.

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Chaosdreams33d ago

I'm glad you found something and it shaped you into a better person. (But yes, less time gaming and more time caring for any future crisis).

xakipu33d ago

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NapalmSanctuary33d ago

As a full time caregiver, I can sympathize. But I still hate this game.

Bahamut33d ago

Yeah, it's pretty awful.

PressXtoBacon33d ago

Thank you! I miss old school FF. I hate what happened to it.

Bahamut32d ago

You're not alone. :(
But hey, look into these games if you haven't already:
Octopath Traveler, Lost Sphear, Ni No Kuni 2, Terra Battle 1 and 2 (not as good as the other games I mentioned, but worth noting because its made by Hironobu Sakaguchi (executive producer of Final Fantasy 1 - 10) and has music by Nobuo Uematsu (composer of Final Fantasy 1 - 10... and some of 14's soundtracks), I heard recently that Sakaguchi was interested in bringing something to consoles soon, but what that is, I have no idea. Not all hope is lost, in regard to the genre, but Final Fantasy is pretty dead for now.

forkymental33d ago

It's a dudebro bonding bore-fest.

drizzom32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Hell, I'd even struggle to call it 'dudebro'. Gladio and Noctis yeah maybe. But Ignis and Promto are the last images that come to mind when I think of that word. The game overall just comes off as really lame.

bangoskank32d ago

Did you learn a new recipe?