Sleeping With the Enemy: Sony Yearns for Xbox 360 Success In Japan

With the Wii maintaining a sizable lead over its HD competitors, Sony has turned to an unlikely ally in the console war: Microsoft.

An old saying goes, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." In Japan this week, Sony took that saying and ran with it--all the way to Microsoft.

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PirateThom3480d ago

Isn't the 360 behind in Japan?

Peter Griffin3478d ago

not recently, no. Overall yes

Says you3480d ago

There about to hit 3 million so who's yearning more here? for god sakes there trying to hard now that is what I call yearning on Microsoft's part.

Spike473480d ago

sucess is completely overrated in Japan if you think about what it should have done a long time ago.

Lou-Cipher3478d ago

What the hell is this article talking about?

PS3 is dominating 360 in Japan. There is nothing that MS will ever be able to do to beat PS3 in Japan.

Most of MS big guns have been already been fired in Japan. There is really not much more they can do compared to what Sony has to offer.(FF13, FFV13, WKC, LBP,Home,and a FREE PSN)

XBOX 360 will never win a console war against Playstation in Europe or Japan. They can only hope that the US numbers make up for the rest of the worlds numbers.( they may win a week/month here or there in Europe or Japan but they are hated way to much in those countries to keep up with Sony for the long haul)

It cracks me up when articles start talking about victory for consoles when they only outsell in a region for a month.

name3478d ago

With that logic the PS3 is dominating the wii since it outsold it in japan for a couple of weeks after it had its pricedrop. Nintendo BETTER DO SUMTIN'!

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