Call of Duty: WWII takes a 10th No.1 in the UK charts

It was another quiet week at retail, with the usual triple-A titles taking the top spots of the UK charts.

Call of Duty: WWII charted at No.1 for the tenth time since launch in November, despite sales being down 17 per cent week-on-week. If Activision’s title makes it to the top spot next week for an 11th time, it will equal the all-time No.1’s for this series, held by 2015’s Black Ops III.

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Cilvar325d ago

Nobody ever, has accused the UK of good taste in games. Their top 10 chart is typically the "avoid at all costs" list.

GamesMaster1982325d ago

Well it's not surprising here in the UK the average gamer ( one's who don't know real games ) generally just buy the annual Fifa and COD. And the US is not much different either, we all know the US love their BRO SHOOTERS too.

The_KELRaTH325d ago

I had an email a few days ago from Activision UK noting that I hadn't purchased WW2 so here's a free digital copy!! I'm quite enjoying it, better than I expected but low on multiplayer maps (down to just 9 now).