Monster Hunter World's Day One Patch 1.01 Detailed with Screenshots and Download Size

Capcom fully details patch 1.01 for Monster Hunter World, including its download size, also giving more info on post-release DLC plans.

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WilliamSheridan175d ago

I'm taking a big gamble on this one Capcom... Don't let me down!

Nu175d ago

I'm buying this franchise for the first time in this edition

hulijizomi175d ago

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WilliamSheridan175d ago

This is my first time with the franchise. I hear great things, but Capcom scared me with Dead Rising 4 and Street Fighter 5. Lately they are a shell of what they once were...

InMyOpinion175d ago

Me too. The beta was great and I think the full game will be amazing!

mr_grimm175d ago

Played tri ultimate on wii but didnt get properly into it. Its so dense. I hope I can crack trough it thick scales with this one. I want to get into this series.

Twinblade175d ago

I played the beta and just couldn't get into it.

Lord_Sloth175d ago

Did you play with friends?

Twinblade173d ago

Nah, most of my friends like sports games.

Lord_Sloth173d ago

Ahh. Well if you can redbox it and find some online friends to play with I would recommend giving it another try. Monster Hunter is probably my favorite franchise but I think it's pretty dull when running solo or with random strangers all the time.