Tech-Gaming: Mega Man 9 Review

Review by Tidegear:

"Mega Man 9 is Mega Man's long awaited return to his true form. Inti Creates, the masterminds behind the underrated Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series are the ones we should thank. (It possibly began at the inclusion of the 8-bit "Mega Man a" in ZX.) Except for the toggle-able sprite limit, the graphics, sound and gameplay are all restricted to how it was on the original NES hardware (ex: limited palette and sound channels). This is controversial, but I don't believe it's laziness. Inti Creates has plenty of excellent 2D graphics experience behind them, so they are at least capable."

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Solid_Snake6663567d ago

y review it its the same one that came out in 1996 nothing diffrent

ChickeyCantor3566d ago

So in other words, you shouldn't review any sequel.

Ok now go to all those reviewers and say that, then comeback and cry about this review.

How ever why review it indeed, its awesome it doesn't need a review.